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The Association of Chinese Insurance Professionals in the UK (ACIPUK) was established on 1st June 20

Updated: May 28, 2018

The founding conference of The Association of Chinese Insurance professionals in the UK (ACIPUK) was held at a grand ceremony in the British Royal Insurance Association Hall. 

Attendees at the opening ceremony for the inauguration were: 

Former Mayor of the City of London, Sir David Brewer;   Minister Counsellor of the Economic and. Commercial Office of the Chinese Embassy, Jin Xu; Lloyd's Director of Global Markets, Vincent Vandendael; the CEO of China Taiping Insurance UK, Jinhai Geng.

Mr Geng Jinhai, the CEO of China Taiping’s (UK) was appointed as an Honorary Chairman of ACIPUK, and Mr Jimmy Yan, the Assistant General Manager of China Taiping (UK), was appointed as the chairman of ACIPUK.

Mr Geng outlined that the purpose of the Association is create a platform providing opportunities for development by exchanging and sharing information about work matters. He emphasised his belief that the founding of the Association will further facilitate the exchange and cooperation between Chinese and British Insurance companies. 

Members of the ACIPUK are insurance professionals from major UK insurance companies. China Taiping (UK) aims to develop its human resources pool in order to enhance the exchange and cooperation between China Taiping (UK) and British local insurance companies. 

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